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DHHS Counseling Department

The Druid Hills Counseling Department aims to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that supports students' academic, career, and social/emotional development.
How Can I Contact My Counselor?
Students are able to connect with their counselor as needed with a pass from their teacher or by emailing their counselor to set up an appointment.  If the student's assigned counselor is not available, there is always a counselor on call for students in social or emotional distress.
How Can I Contact My Counselor?
The preferred method of contact is by email. 
I'm a Parent, How Do I Meet With My Child's Counselor?
Parent appointments are available by request.  Please email the counselor of record to request an appointment time.
I am a student or parent and have a concern with a teacher or grade.  What's the protocol?
1. Contact the teacher directly to address the concern.
2. Contact the department chair.
3. Contact the AP of Instruction, Mr. Ingram
Tanya Henderson, Counselor (A-Em)
Carla Brown, Head Counselor (En-Ja)
Ms. Brown.JPG
Robin Wesley, Counselor (Jb-Q)
Wesley Pic .JPG
Antoinette Darden-Cintron, Counselor (R-Z)
Michelle Swanson, Registrar
Amishi Trivedi, Counseling Clerk
Ms. Trivedi.JPG
Vicki Woodward, Administrative Assistant
Anne Bracewell, IB Coordinator
Alisa Bouer, 504 Coordinator
Garnet Pinnock, School Social Worker
Brandi Beavers, Post-Secondary Specialist
B. Beavers.JPG
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