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Post Secondary Planning 

Naviance - College and Career Platform 
Naviance provides support in career planning, college planning, digital transcripts, scholarships, and resume building. Naviance will also provide free online test prep through Kaplan. Students access their Naviance Account through CLEVER. 
To log in: 
1. In your browser type
2. Select log in with Clever 
3. Search for Druid Hills High School 
4. Use your DHHS student # and password to log in
Need Naviance assistance? Click here.

College Application Information

  • 2022 Class Size: 300

  • GPA Scale: 4.0

  • Ranking: We Do Not Rank

NCAA Clearinghouse 
NCAA Academic Information
NCAA Division I Eligibility Guide
NCAA Division II Eligibility Guide
NCAA Approved Core Course List 
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